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Studio33 Wedding Photography


I’m not a huge fan of fad photography or gimmicks of any kind. I believe your wedding images should tell the story of your day as you want it to be told.

This means that my biggest aim on the day is to be discreet and honest, capturing all the intimate moments, the details, the laughter, the lumps in throats, and every emotion in between.

There’s plenty to consider when it comes to telling the story of your day - I get it, you don’t want to miss a thing! Especially the parts that you might not usually see or the fleeting moments that happen in the background.

For this to happen as effortlessly as possible, I always plan a meet up in advance where we can chat through things like locations, what’s most important to you on your day, and how much or little you would like from me in terms of my involvement.

Some people want me to hang back and record the day as it happens, some people prefer a little direction and guidance. It’s important to figure out what works best for you - as a couple, for your day and your guests.

Every wedding is different, and so is every couple! Your day celebrates the start of your adventure, and your journey as a new family. So whether you want me right there beside you, or shooting from a distance, I’ll be there to capture every moment as you want it.